“Mindset PrimingTM does for coaching what Colour did for Black & White TV...

It adds a whole new dimension!”

Pioneering a new approach

I train coaches, mentors and therapists in ‘Mindset Priming’ to increase the effectiveness of their practices for themselves and their clients.

After 30 years of in depth study and practice with kinesiology and psychological concepts, I created the ‘Mindset Priming’ process 5 years ago to help coaches and mentors equip people of any age to develop an effective mindset and put them on track for greater success and happiness.

I train coaches, mentors and therapists who want to:
  • Help their clients get in touch with their neglected aspirations
  • Help their clients access and remove the subconscious sabotage that has been inhibiting them from attaining their goals
  • Help their clients stretch their goals to the upper limit of their inner self-belief
  • Recognise their own aspirations and any subconscious doubts or resistance holding them back in their careers or personal lives.
What makes ‘Mindset Priming’ so different and so powerful?

Mindset Priming’ is a scientific and holistic approach equally suitable for private individuals, aspiring sports stars, and business leaders. Typically it enables my clients to set more ambitious goals with confidence and commitment. I work online, and one-to-one, with people who are not in touch with how they would ideally like their future to look. Having helped them to identify their goals, I then use a range of techniques to remove any subconscious restrictions to their progress.

Finally I help all my clients to adopt a mindset that will give them the best chance of success, whatever goals they decide to pursue in their life.

My one-to-one Mindset Priming sessions

I take every opportunity to help  individuals with my one-to-one sessions wherever they may be in the world


The key benefits of a one-to-one session with me are that:


We will always focus on your most appropriate issue

We will get to the root of the issue and have the means to address it

A goalsetting session will put you in touch with what your subconscious sees as your ideal future, and then identify the level of resistance that needs to be cleared (N.B. the resistance will be removed in that and/or subsequent sessions)

When all resistance has been cleared I ensure that you understand how to use a natural approach that is sure to give you a steady and comfortable progress towards your goal – provided you use it!


How my sessions differ from the conventional approach


The biggest difference between my sessions and conventional coaching is that my clients are entirely in charge of the process. Using MRT enables me to establish whether it is appropriate to work with a given client on that particular occasion, and if so how best I can assist them.


The answers I get, and am delighted to convey to them, come from their subconscious. Helping people to become happier is often a three-stage process of establishing a detailed description of their ideal future, discovering and disposing of any lurking barriers to success (typically beliefs, expectations, habits, and attitudes), and then helping the client fully understand how they can progress towards that future in a way that is comfortable and will ensure the progress is sustainable.


I take great pleasure in helping people, whatever their circumstances, to find within themselves something stimulating and energising to look forward to – partly because they are fascinated to discover that the three-step process is as ‘easy as ABC’.


I suggest you read my book before you book a session


An important point I want to make is that it is my expectation that most of you, if you read my book, and/or attend a workshop, will not need any of my one-to-one coaching sessions. I hope and expect that these two less expensive options will provide you with all the understanding and techniques you need in order to make progress, become happier, and be more fulfilled. 


This is particularly true for any of you who have access to someone, working with MRT, who would be able to give you any help needed to stretch your goals to the optimum.


Should you feel the need for support I urge you to contact people who work with MRT who are able to give you much more profound insights than those provided by conventional coaching.


It might seem strange for you to read that perhaps the people I am most keen to work with, on a one-to-one basis (whether in person or online), are coaches.


I have learnt in recent years that, until someone experiences my ground breaking Mindset Priming approach, they cannot imagine how easily it enables a coach to access the really important information that the client needs to recognise – their subconscious picture of what they would like their life to look like, and where the barriers to success, and progress, are lurking (again at the client’s subconscious level).


Conventional coaching does the best job it can to help clients make conscious decisions based on their conscious appreciation of their circumstances. I believe it is time that the coaching world acknowledges that their clients need a much more profound level of support.


Could you win £1,000?


I recognised when writing my original book, that one way to gain credibility, for ‘Mindset Priming’, would be to demonstrate how it can help anybody and everybody become happier and more successful.

I still appreciate that until you have experienced the process for yourself, you can neither imagine how easily it works nor appreciate one of my favourite endorsements:


                              “Mindset Priming does for coaching

                             what colour did for black-and-white TV

                                 – it takes it to a whole new level”.


To encourage people to put my claims to the test I decided to put my money where my mouth is.


I am so convinced that all of you are currently limiting your aspirations, and (subconsciously) limiting your success, that I will pay you £1,000 if a) you are the first person I have encountered who is already aiming for their optimum future (without the benefit of my approach) and b) is not subconsciously inhibiting their success.


So – give me the chance to introduce my approach to you (preferably with your coach in attendance if you already use one).


I will hopefully be able to show you that your subconscious picture of a happy future is bigger and brighter than you are currently aiming, or hoping, for.


I will hopefully also be able to identify for you the amount of subconscious resistance you currently have to fulfilling your potential.


I may also be able to reduce, if not fully remove your subconscious resistance to achieving your goals.

Mindset PrimingTM’ training
I recommend coaches experience Mindset Priming for themselves so that they can fully appreciate what it would enable them to do for their clients (and I offer a discounted rate for the service).

I am keen to train as many coaches and mentors as possible to work with this groundbreaking approach.

Coaches and mentors can choose how far they wish to progress with the ‘Mindset PrimingTM’ training programme which has a number of stages and options:

Stage 1. Introduction to Muscle Response Testing (MRT) & Goal Stretching

For those, not already qualified to use MRT, wanting the basic skills to help clients stretch their goals to the optimum by accessing their inner self-belief. (Trainees are recommended to attend a workshop run by their nearest ‘Touch for Health’ Kinesiology instructor).

Stage 2. The ABC of Happiness & Success (All 4 Insights) with MRT

For those already qualified to use MRT and who want to practice integrating it with the ABC concepts.

Stage 3. An introduction to ‘Goal Balancing’
For those wanting to reduce their clients’ subconscious resistance/sabotage by integrating some additional techniques with those gained in Options 1 & 2.
Coaches who are not yet interested in working at the subconscious level with MRT have these options (the workshops for individuals):

Option 1. The opportunity to attend workshops that give an overview of the 4 Insights from Achieving Happiness is ‘Easy as ABC’

For those wanting a progressive introduction to this approach.

Option 2. Achieving Happiness is ‘Easy as ABC’ (All 4 Insights)
For those interested in understanding how change can be a comfortable process.

I would be happy to recommend coaches to other training programmes/approaches that would enable them to work at a deeper level with their clients. As you may already know, I have done a vast amount of work with top athletes and sportsmen and women. However, the concepts I have described apply equally to all those who want to expand their horizons at whatever stage of life and to youngsters, parents and business leaders, or whoever may walk through your door needing help.

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