Stage 3

An introduction to 'Goal Balancing’
Reducing subconscious sabotage

Again, when mobility is restored, this workshop will become available and is designed for those graduates of Stages 1 and 2 who want to reduce their clients’ subconscious resistance/sabotage by integrating some additional techniques, from the world of kinesiology, with those they have already acquired.


Students will have the opportunity to work one-to-one with other participants familiarising themselves with the techniques and gaining confidence in their application.

Learning outcomes

Recognise the value of measuring the emotional charge before and after a diffusion

Use age recession to assist diffusions/balances

Learn to test for, and correct, a range of frequently seen imbalances

Further practice explaining the relevance of the cognitive concepts

Differentiate between diffusing imbalances and infusing a positive input

Appreciate the holistic approach represented by the Pinnacle model

Have a basic diffusion sheet to follow in your sessions