For therapists and coaches

A new and more effective approach

I teach ascending levels of ‘Mindset Priming’ to coaches, mentors and therapists who want to increase the effectiveness of their practices for themselves and their clients.


With ‘Basic Checking’ they help their clients to:

  • get in touch with their neglected aspirations
  • stretch their goals to the upper limit of their inner self-belief
  • ascertain the amount of resistance/subconscious sabotage to their achieving their goals

With ‘Mindset Checking’ they help their clients by:

  • identifying and working on the ‘mental handbrake’ that has been inhibiting them from attaining their goals
  • giving their clients the knowledge they need to set their ‘mental sat-nav’ to achieving their objectives
  • Tapping into their own tool kits to get the change under way
With ‘Advanced Mindset Checking’ they help clients with:

New concepts giving them a greater depth of understanding of:

  • Why they limit their aspirations
  • How they sabotage their success


  • How to drive themselves forward with comfortable and sustainable change

Mentoring professionals

I recommend professionals initially contact me for a one-to-one session so they can experience for themselves how Mindset Priming helps them, and how it would improve their ability to help their clients.

Thereafter they may wish to use a progressively more advanced level of the approach to help those they care about, or work with, to identify their optimum goals and achieve them.

Insight 1 overview.
When do we limit our aspirations?

This introductory workshop will help you to have
more confidence in stretching your
goals and to “turn on the ignition”.

Insight 2 overview.
Why are improvements so often temporary?

This introductory workshop will help you

understand what drives your current

behaviour and performance levels,

what it will take to be more fulfilled,

and how to set your “mental


Insight 3 overview.
What four things hold us back from achieving our goals?

This introductory workshop will help you to
recognise how to “release your
handbrake” and become happier
as you make progress.

Insight 4 overview.
What do instinctively successful people do to maintain progress?

This introductory workshop will describe the 

specific techniques that I recommend for the
successful achievement of your goals
and aspirations.


‘The ABC of Happiness & Success’ workshop

This two day workshop develops
the four above individual insights and

combines them into a coherent programme 
to help you become happier, more 

successful, and more fulfilled.