Video Reviews

Goldie Sayers - Triple Olympian, Beijing bronze medalist, GB javelin record holder
Darren Lovegrove - Golfer
John A Patterson - Director, Paragon Executive Solutions Ltd
Jacqui McGinn - Healer and Hypnotherapist
Zoe Volanthen PhD - Body Stress Release Practitioner

Client Reviews

“You have opened my eyes to practical applications of concepts I have been working with for 30 years. I now see how they relate to my marriage, my children, my health, my hobbies and the way I run my business – I am absolutely gobsmacked.”

“This has had a significant impact on my understanding of leadership, and on my attitude to it. It has transformed my thinking and application and has led to fantastic results.”

“I recommend Jeremy as a bright professional; personable, expert, with high integrity, and the ability to help people understand their areas for improvement and development. I appreciated his special way to make me see things from a different perspective.”

“I found the insights you teach very helpful. Your course has furnished me with a few missing key points which I see as essential for proper understanding. I would recommend your courses to anyone who wants to improve themselves, or their performance, and tell them no-one teaches this information as clearly as you do.”

“Since your input, attitudes have really changed in the company. Previously reserved and reticent people are now standing up and becoming accountable. We have developed a ‘can do’ mentality combined with a ‘want to’ attitude. No other management approach has come within 50% of this.”

“These ‘insights’ will address our issues by turning negative thinkers into positive and by releasing more of our human resource potential.”

“By using what I learned I moved up from number 25 salesman in 1999, to number 2 salesman in 2000 with 192,000 points. Until then the highest total for a full year had been 265,000 points. So far in 2001 I am top salesman, with 560,000 points, bringing in IR£ 2.25 million of annual new business already this year.”

“Jeremy you provided me with the most concentrated yet helpful course I believe I will ever have in my career. It would be good to keep in touch, thanks – Pete.”

“Jeremy you are so lucky. Everyone would benefit from this approach.”

“This is very powerful stuff, it is superb and could help everyone!”

“Wonderful to meet you and to experience your unique method. I'm fascinated to learn and experience more about ‘Mindset Priming’.”

“Jeremy uses his techniques to amazing effect. I can confirm that my 17-year-old dyslexic son’s life, and my own, have been speedily turned around.”

“Mindset Priming’ was hugely relevant to me in achieving my goals. I have now set myself more ambitious targets and I’m very keen to have a later session to see if I can stretch my goals further. The sessions have unblocked my inner self-belief, removed negative energy, and given me a clear mindset.”

“I was fascinated by your methods, and quite astounded by the clarity and insight it gave me into issues that still remain uncleared in my own subconscious. What we did resounded well with me, and I have been working on the issues raised. Moreover, I am enthused about how this can be brought into my own coaching practice, as I continue to grow and develop my offering to my own clients. If ever an opportunity arose to work together, I would relish it!”

“The subconscious is often an untapped resource in the world of sports psychology. Jeremy’s integrated approach takes sports psychology to a new and even more powerful level. I would recommend Jeremy to any competitor at any level wishing to achieve their full potential. What interests me, more than just the psychology side of what he does, is the kinesiology, which is really interesting, in that you get right to the nub of what your worries, concerns, and fears might be, as you are really tapping into your subconscious. So, at the end of the session, you know you’ve dealt with the problems that you need to, if you're going to perform to the best of your ability.”

“Jeremy enabled me to go straight to the core of a number of problems that were holding me back in life. Of all the approaches I tried, I found his by far the most effective. I'm most grateful to him.”

“Jeremy's unique approach to coaching has been a fascinating journey of self discovery, helping me to clarify life goals and identify steps that I can take to achieve tangible results. I particularly appreciate his calm, patient demeanour, accompanied by humour, that has allowed me to put a voice to beliefs and patterns that had been frustrating my attempts to create change. A gentle but incredibly powerful approach to coaching. Thank you Jeremy!”

“When I started working with Jeremy I was a top-level amateur golfer and my goal was to turn pro and play to the highest level. In the first two weeks from when he started mentoring me, I reduced my golf handicap from 1.8 to 0.6 and was soon able to turn pro and realise my goal. The main thing was controlling my emotions and controlling the ‘little voice between the ears’. I would 100% recommend him.”

“I have known Jeremy for the past 15+ years. With his fascinating ’Mindset Priming’ approach he has given me the belief that tall challenges are achievable. With his help I have developed my skills and reached my current position. A brilliant coach and person. Forever grateful.”

“I want to thank you so much Jeremy for such amazing work and would, without a shadow of doubt, highly recommend you and work with you again myself. I left feeling uplifted and so clear about my goals and clear that now nothing stands in my way with my resistance levels down to zero.”

“As a professional coach myself, I know the value of working with a coach on my own progress. I was intrigued to work with Jeremy and experience the coaching methodology which he applies. I found the benefit of the sessions to be working at an intuitive level rather than a conscious level. This is great for anyone who tends to over analyse and get stuck in detail whilst missing the bigger picture.”

I did the Mindset Priming training with Jeremy in 2018. As a kinesiologist I thoroughly enjoyed Jeremy’s approach and can see the value of the topic within practice to help individuals break through mental barriers and achieve their goals. Jeremy is a delightful instructor with experience in his field and an approachable manner as a teacher. Worth it for coaches and kinesiologists alike.