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My books on SUCCESS not Sabotage

It was through the encouragement and support of Steve Backley and Roger Black, both Olympic medallists, that I wrote my first book:

The Inside Track

which was primarily focussed on how my approach can help competitors in the sporting world.

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My second book,

Achieving Happiness

provides you with the basic concepts you need to understand if you are looking to be happier, healthier, and more successful.

I introduce the ‘ABC’ model and explain the concepts and science behind this tried and tested method, with practical guidelines for implementing the practices in your life, and stories of real life transformation.

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If you wish to download a free pdf extract of my book click the link below:

The role of Kinesiology

Putting your mind to it – Mind games

The psychology behind the ABC model


(My next book will be a shortened version simply helping people, and especially parents, to understand how to develop self-esteem and confidence, how the mind works, and how to use it to fulfil their potential.)