I have worked as a holistic coach and therapist for 35 years. The extensive training I have received has enabled me to create an approach which ensures that each client receives the most appropriate blend, or fusion, of treatments that I can offer for their specific needs in each and every session.


The benefits of my approach


What makes my approach preferable is its ability to prioritise and address the root causes of clients’ issues, whether emotional, psychological or physical.



My work is so different that I want to teach as many other people as possible how to add it to their repertoire

What makes ‘Mindset Priming’ so different and so powerful?
Typically it enables clients to set more ambitious goals with confidence and commitment. I work online, and one-to-one, with people who are not in touch with how they would ideally like their future to look.

Having helped them to identify their goals, I then remove subconscious restrictions to their progress.

Finally I help all my clients to adopt a mindset that will give them the best chance of success, whatever goals they decide to pursue in their life.

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“I founded Pathfinders to help
clients to progress from their
starting point to their ideal
situation – whether in terms
of their health, their lifestyle,
their sporting ambitions, or their career.”