About me

I specialise in ensuring that my clients have the most effective possible mindset for being happier, healthier and achieving their goals.


I believe that the only other people working that effectively are those that I have  trained to do so.


I have worked as a holistic coach and therapist for 35 years and the extensive training I received has enabled me to create an approach which ensures that each client benefits from the most appropriate blend, or fusion, of treatments for their specific needs in each and every session.

My Mission

When I celebrated my 75th birthday in 2021, I looked back at my career and realised how fortunate I have been to have worked with, and learnt from, some outstanding leaders, teachers, and pioneers around the world.

In the years ahead I will share the lessons I have learnt, whenever possible, with future generations of mentors, therapists and coaches for the benefit of their clients and their students.

Three professional bodies, apart from accrediting my qualifications and my workshops, have recorded interviews with me, and asked me to present webinars.

I will take every opportunity to give talks, run workshops, and train those who want to use this fascinating approach to work with their clients at a deeper and more relevant level.

In May this year I am launching my one day workshop for Kinesiologists,  teaching them the key concepts that will help their clients have a happier and healthier future.

I am keen to help coaches become aware that they will do far more profound work with their clients if they add elements of my approach.


The therapies that I specialise in, and can be blended in my approach or taken separately, are:

Cognitive coaching – provides the client with applications of concepts, from cognitive psychology, that will make it easy for them to understand how to use more of their potential and adjust their comfort zones.

Goal balancing – this puts the client in touch with their subconscious picture of an ideal future, eliminates any resistance to their achievement of that vision, and teaches them how lasting change can be as ‘Easy as ABC’.

Kinesiology – a holistic approach that honours the client’s own healing process and can be seen as a blend of the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and western techniques. I was the inaugural vice-chair of the Kinesiology Federation and have been appointed an Honorary Fellow.

Vortex healing – a system of energetic Healing used both to heal the body and to transform emotional patterns thereby enabling the client to engage more comfortably with whatever life issues they may be confronting.



The benefits of a holistic approach
What makes a holistic approach preferable, when seeking to help clients live a more balanced lifestyle and address their problems and challenges, is its ability to prioritise and address the root causes of their issues, whether emotional, psychological or physical.

I founded Pathfinders to help clients to progress from their starting point to their ideal situation – whether in terms of their health, their lifestyle, their sporting ambitions, or their career.

I have worked with, and run workshops for, people of all ages, the homeless and unemployed, aspiring sports stars and their coaches, and business leaders – teaching them all that lasting change can be as ‘Easy as ABC’.

For 35 years as a therapist, coach and mentor, I have helped people with a wide range of challenges, from aches and pains, to stress and tension, ME, dyslexia, post-operative cancer, relationship issues, business challenges and sporting, or even Olympic, ambitions.

“I founded Pathfinders to help
clients to progress from their
starting point to their ideal
situation – whether in terms
of their health, their lifestyle,
their sporting ambitions, or their career.”