The ABC model

I created the ‘ABC’ model to help my clients and students recognise that, if they wanted to be happier, or improve some aspect of their life, then making successful and lasting change was “as easy as ABC”.


The 4 Insights in this revised model will help you recognise the basic interactions between:

A – Aspiring – how to choose the right direction

B – Being yourself – how to set your “mental satnav”

C – Conditioning – how to release your “metal handbrake”

D – Driving you forward – how to make comfortable and sustainable progress

At a simple level the model helps you understand the need to address the underlying reasons that you get “stuck” at your current levels of performance.

After my workshops you will know how to achieve your own objectives more quickly, (or help your clients to do so) by using this instinctive technique to unleashing our potential.

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