My one-to-one Mindset Priming sessions

I take every opportunity to help individuals with my one-to-one sessions wherever they may be in the world.


The key benefits of a one-to-one session with me are that: 


  • We will always focus on your most appropriate issue
  • We will get to the root of the issue and have the means to address it

A goalsetting session will put you in touch with what your subconscious sees as your ideal future, and then identify the level of resistance that needs to be cleared (N.B. the resistance will be removed in that and/or subsequent sessions)


When all resistance has been cleared I ensure that you understand how to use a natural approach that is sure to give you a steady and comfortable progress towards your goal – provided you use it!

How my sessions differ from the conventional approach


The biggest difference between my sessions and conventional coaching is that my clients are entirely in charge of the process. Using MRT enables me to establish whether it is appropriate to work with a given client on that particular occasion and, if so, how best I can assist them.


The answers I get, and am delighted to convey to them, come from their subconscious. Helping people to become happier is often a three-stage process of establishing a detailed description of their ideal future, discovering and disposing of any lurking barriers to success (typically beliefs, expectations, habits, and attitudes.


I take great pleasure in helping people, whatever their circumstances, to find within themselves something stimulating and energising to look forward to – partly because they are fascinated to discover that the three-step process is as ‘easy as ABC’.