Insight 4 Overview

How do instinctively successful people sustain progress?

This insight makes you aware that, once you know how to ‘put your mind to it’, you can draw on the creative power of your subconscious to accelerate your progress towards your objectives – whatever they may be.

The key to making effective progress involves keeping your goals stretched to the limit of your inner self-efficacy. This boosts your chances of success by increasing your subconscious drive and creativity.

The more you mentally rehearse the sense of the achievement of your objectives (in an effective way) the quicker your subconscious picture of yourself will adjust itself to the new you – provided your self-talk is aligned with the changes you are working on.

Topics covered in this overview:
Our Instinctive Approach to Change:

Worry is negative goal setting

Developing commitment
The benefits of goal setting through
Applying the 4th stage of the creative process
Using our natural change process
Contrasting our Current Reality and our Vision
Progressing from first to second nature
Finding happiness

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