Insight 2 Overview

Why, until now, has your initial progress tended to revert to the earlier level?
Many people avoid seeking a more fulfilling existence because, in the past, their efforts to make changes happen have not been successful or have not lasted.

One of the key messages from this insight is that we have a built-in approach to making progress. It not only ensures that the process will be comfortable but that the changes/improvements will be sustainable.

This insight will give you a comprehensive understanding of the theory of making sustainable change. Subsequent insights will help you understand the practical side of becoming the person you want to be.
Topics covered in this overview:
The Impact of the Self-Concept:
Understanding the link between performance and self-image
The use of the self-talk cycle
The significance of our comfort zones
The key to sustainable improvements in performance
Develop Self-Efficacy:
The benefits of using modal operators of possibility
The importance of confidence and belief
The vulnerability of self-esteem
Suggestions for using constructive feedback
Seligman’s work on optimism and pessimism
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