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The keys to your clients’ happier and healthier future

Jeremy’s new one day workshop for kinesiologists  Saturday June 17th – Basingstoke

Kinesiologists know that a clients’ mental state can have a
major impact on their physical bodies. Often this mental state of mind
may be subconscious so the client is not always fully aware of the
negative effect on their body.

A client’s mental state can also prevent them achieving their goals
or sabotages them from making changes in their life, whether this might
be sticking to a diet or keeping new resolutions

Very few clients will have any idea how to set their ‘mental satnav’,
nor will they understand the extent to which their ‘mental handbrake’
has been limiting their progress.

Attending this one-day workshop will give you practical experience of
relevant cognitive psychology concepts, and the confidence to integrate
them into your kinesiology testing with clients.

After this workshop you will be ready to help your clients with three key elements of improving their situation:

  • Gaining the confidence to aim for their ideal future
  • Recognising and releasing the elements of their mental handbrake
  • Understanding our natural process for comfortable change

The teaching, workshopping and tools provided on this one-day event
will allow you to work with confidence with your clients the following Monday morning.

All materials to enable you to work with your clients will be provided

The workshop will run from 10.00am to 5.30pm – Registration is from 9.30am


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Insight 1 overview.
When do we limit our aspirations?

This introductory workshop will help you to have
more confidence in stretching your
goals and to “turn on the ignition”.

Insight 2 overview.
Why are improvements so often temporary?

This introductory workshop will help you

understand what drives your current

behaviour and performance levels,

what it will take to be more fulfilled,

and how to set your “mental


Insight 3 overview.
What four things hold us back from achieving our goals?

This introductory workshop will help you to
recognise how to “release your
handbrake” and become happier
as you make progress.

Insight 4 overview.
What do instinctively successful people do to maintain progress?

This introductory workshop will describe the 

specific techniques that I recommend for the
successful achievement of your goals
and aspirations.


‘The ABC of Happiness & Success’ workshop

This two day workshop develops
the four above individual insights and

combines them into a coherent programme 
to help you become happier, more 

successful, and more fulfilled.